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Eligibility of sellers/suppliers
To be Introduced to the platform by a registered purchaser
(Need an Introduction letter from the Purchaser)

Tabulated below is the list of the documents that are required to be submitted along with the application form

Sr. No. Document Mandatory (Y/N)
1 Copy of PAN Allotment Letter Y
2 Bank Mandate Y
3 In case of company, Certificate of incorporation & Memorandum & Articles of Association Y if company otherwise N
4 Copy of Partnership deed Y if partnership firm otherwise N
5 MOE (Memorandum of Enterprise / CA certificate) Y in case seller is MSME / eligible service provider
Other Documents
Sr. No. Document Mandatory (Y/N)
1 Board Resolution/Declaration approving particiaption on NTREES and giving authorisations to various officials for operations on NTREES Y